Our first blog post

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This is our first blog post and we just wanted to let people know where we are up to with things!  We will hopefully be updating the blog regularly with things we have been doing and how the renovations are going for Bruce the camper van.

Bruce is currently with Lee at Manflowers Volkswagen Restoration in Evesham, Worstershire, and he is being renovated from the inside out, with new paintwork, seats and the wheelchair adaptations.  We are hoping everything will be done by March and we cant wait to take Bruce for a spin!

The website is currently being designed by Ian from www.swashandfold.com and we cant wait to see what the finished site will look like!

We are also working with a local design company to design a logo (very local, as their base is just around the corner from us!).  Examples of their previous work is on their website at www.wearelife.co.uk and we are looking forward to meeting with Oisin this weekend to try and complete this.

We have a twitter account (www.twitter.com/GW_Occasions) and a facebook page (www.facebook.com/greatwhiteoccasions) and it has been lovely to connect with so many people who feel that our idea is a good one!

Please check back soon for further updates on how things are progressing!

Emma and Daniel

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