Any Other Woman Feature


We were lucky enough to be featured on this amazing blog written by the very talented Clare, Anna and Aisling not only once, but twice!

The first time was to let their readers know about our business, and to ask if any of them would be interested in taking part in a photoshoot we are planning to get some lovely photos of Bruce our VW camper van once his make over is completed.  We had a great response from lots of brides all over the UK who were happy to wear their wedding dresses again for our photoshoot, and we are just trying to finalise the details to get this all arranged!  You can read our article here

The second time we were featured was to be part of their ‘Any Other Photo’ series, in which couples who are married pick a favourite photo of theirs, or people can now pick any photo that means a lot to them and  explain why.  I have read this blog for years and always loved looking at the photos that people choose, and I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to pick just one favorite photo from our wedding day over 3 years ago!  You can see which picture we chose and why on their website here

We can’t wait to do the photoshoot and will be adding photos to the website as soon as we can!

If you are looking for a bit of sanity and good advice during your wedding planning, or for life as a married couple, we can highly recommend the wise women of the Any Other Woman blog!