Do you allow children to travel in the camper van?

The law regarding children and seatbelts can be confusing, so please read the information below carefully, which shows the information relevant to our camper van.  If you have any questions please contact us.

  •  Children aged 0 – 12 years, or up to 1.35m (4ft 5in) in height – The correct safety seats for the child’s weight have to be used in vehicles.

There are three exceptions, when adult belts must be used if the correct child restraint isn’t available:

  • In a taxi or hire car
  • For a short journey due to unexpected necessity
  • Where two occupied child restraints prevent a third being fitted, in which case an adult belt should be used if available

Children aged 13 or over, or passengers with height over 1.35m (4ft 5in) – Seat belts must be worn, and we cannot carry more people than there are seats fitted with belts or restraints.

We do not provide any baby or child seats, so if you have children who will be travelling as part of you group, please ensure you can provide the seats on the day.

Please inform us in advance so we can take this into account with the seating arrangements in the camper van, as most baby and childrens seats will only be secure with the 3 point seat belts.  The rear seat in the camper van has 2 lap belts and one space without a seat belt, and the 2 removable seats also have lap belts.

Please note that by law it is the drivers responsibility, to check that children under 14 are safely restrained.  Please do not be offended if we insist that the seat belts are worn correctly, as we only have your safety in mind.


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